15 March 2016

Chisenhale Gallery's current young people’s programme builds on the success of Propeller, our youth forum for 14-20 year olds, which ran from 2011 – 2014, and centres on our new programme Stop Play Record. Click here to find out more.

Stop Play Record is a three year initiative (2015 -18) for young people aged 16 -24, who live in London and are interested in experimental film. As part of the initiative we will work with six young people over three years on the production of six new short films. A series of talks and workshops runs throughout the programme, offering young people access to a range of expert-led activities and the opportunity to meet their peers and share ideas.

13 March 2015


Propeller and The Pale Fox (2014) by Chisenhale Gallery youth forum Propeller. Still. Post-production by Outtakes Film Communication.

Propeller’s interactive film, Propeller and The Pale Fox, is live! This film is the finished result of our nine-month project with Outtakes Film Communications.

View our film here!

Since October 2013 we've learnt about DAz interactive technology and the creation of short films through a series of workshops led by Outtakes Film Communications and come up with the concept for the film, produced storyboards and props, planned the shoot and starred in the film. Propeller and The Pale Fox is our reaction to Camille Henrot's exhibition The Pale Fox at Chisenhale Gallery and it features clickable interactive elements that link to vignettes, that are inspired by objects in the show. As well as teaching us about making films and their pioneering DAz technology, Outtakes have done a great job on the post-production for the film, turning all the elements that we created into something everyone can interact with online.

We launched Propeller and The Pale Fox at Chisenhale Gallery Creative Careers Day at Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School on Thursday 4 December. Propeller member Reiss and Duncan from Outtakes introduced the film at the event. The careers day marks the beginning of an ongoing strand of Propeller young people's vocational events run by Chisenhale Gallery. These events are completely free and open to any young people interested in finding out about the creative industries or developing skills.

Young people's website and creative platform REcreative recently interviewed Propeller about creating Propeller and The Pale Fox, and are now featuring the article on their resources page. Read the interview here.

28 May 2014


Since last October, we've been busy creating our film in collaboration with local film production company Outtakes. In that time we've learnt about DAz technology, brainstormed ideas, made props, created storyboards and moodboards, developed storylines and shot the film. It's not long now till the film will be completely finished - currently it's in post-production with Outtakes, who are transforming all of our hard work into an interactive film. We're really looking forward to seeing the finished film, and celebrating with a film screening (which we will announce the date of soon). Stay tuned!

06 February 2014


In yesterday's meeting we continued working on our short film project in with Outtakes production company. In the sessions we focused on developing our story lines, including planning how we might film the scenes and what props, locations and scenery we will need to source or make. Our finished film will be processed using interactive DAz technology. Find out more about this new technology here. 

The photo mood board above is a taster of some of the ideas we had. We also thought about what music might be in the film or just music that inspires us. Watch the music video to Pharrell's song Happy here. 

24 January 2014


Yesterday was our first meeting of 2014, for the next few months we will be continuing our film project working with DAz technology. Laura and Duncan from Outtakes took part in the session to lead us through processes to take our ideas for the film to the next level. Laura and Duncan talked the group through the various processes they go through to make their ideas into the final product: from the script to a storyboard and finally to a shot-list, which helps you shoot your film to brief.

We watched some great examples of scenes from hollywood films alongside their original storyboards. Finally we tried our hand at drawing out some of our own simple ones too. Check out one of the story board comparisons we watched here.

Looking forward to the next session where we will put what we learnt about storyboarding and shot lists into practice for our short film.

05 December 2013


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Propeller met on Wednesday 4 December for the last time in 2013, and so with that in mind there was lots of festive fun. Gingerbread, chocolate coins and candy canes kept us fueled and there was even a game of pass the parcel to begin the session!

Following the festivities we continued to plan the Propeller short film we will make early next year with Outtakes using new interactive DAz technology. In the last session we decided the plot of the film would involve the group finding a mysterious object. So this time we set out to make our own mysterious objects using clay. The one rule for the construction of the objects was that the final object couldn't look intentionally like anything we've seen before. Please see the pictures above to see the results.

07 November 2013


November's meeting was focused on brainstorming ideas for the short film Propeller will be planning and filming over the next few months. The project is in partnership with Outtakes film production company using DAz technology. Michael from Outtakes who will be working with Propeller members on the project came along to meet everyone. We started off by watching examples of short films made by Michael and a selection of films which inspire him. All films were made by enthusiastic and resourceful film-makers using very little or no money at all. Then it was on to brainstorming ideas for how Propeller might utilise the technology to make their own short film. Some great ideas were discussed and we will be story boarding during the next session. Links to some of the films we watched below:

Snap - award winning short film.
Music video for Stage Coach
Music video for Ghost Carriage using footage from a short film. 

02 October 2013


Propeller met today for the first time after the summer break. After a quick catch up, it was time to introduce the group to the new project they will be working on over the coming months.

Propeller have been given an exciting opportunity to make a short film with Outtakes Ltd, a film production company based in South East London using a new technology. DAz is an interactive online technology created by Outtakes, Professor Martin Wright and Richard England. It allows viewers to click stationery or moving objects in a film, which in turn reveal hidden assets such as other footage, images or a music track hidden below the surface of the film itself. Photo above is a still from a DAz technology film. 

After Outtakes associates, Laura, Duncan and Joe gave an introduction to the technology, Propeller got straight to work discussing ideas and mapping out different directions the film could take. At the end of the session they were tasked with collecting some imagery using their mobile phones or cameras to discuss in the next meeting. 

Find out more about DAz technology here. 

28 August 2013


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Between the 23 - 27 August, Propeller members met in Victoria Park to paint Dome at the local Skatepark. The mural is the culmination of an eight-month research and design project undertaken by Propeller and facilitated by the project’s co-ordinator, Alessandra Ferrini. Dome aims to create links between the concrete Skatepark, the park’s natural environment and it’s surrounding East End landscape. The design is the product of a series of workshops investigating modernist abstraction, geometry and utopian architecture

On the evening of Wednesday 28 August,
Propeller unveiled Dome and hosted a launch event at The Hub Building next to the Skatepark. The evening included musical performances by Yulia Spirina and Alisha Kadir and poetry by Lexia Tomlinson, all of whom are based in Birmingham. Indigo Williams, a poet from South London performed a selection of works to close the event. All performers were invited to contribute by Propeller member Mesha Reid.

Chisenhale and
Propeller would like to thank everyone who came along to celebrate the unveiling and extend a special thank you to Yulia, Lexia, Alisha and Indigo for their great performances. 

The mural will be on display until January 2014 and is located at the Skatepark in the Eastern Hub of Victoria Park adjacent to The Hub Building and the children’s playground.

For more info click here.

08 August 2013


Today Propeller members went on the The Graffiti Tour of London, a two hour walk around Shoreditch in East London to explore the work of graffiti artists active in the area. The tour started with a presentation on the history of graffiti from early civilisation to the way we encounter it today, even caveman drawings can be defined as the earliest example of graffiti. The tour additionally explored the more recent trends in graffiti, focusing on the way street art has evolved since the 1960s.

In and around Shoreditch, the group were able to spot several works by prolific British graffiti artists, including  Bansky, originally from Bristol and the latest London-based artists such as Stick, Ben Eine and Malarky.  Propeller members also spotted work by C215, based in Paris and hugely influential on the new generation of artists, ROA, from Belgium, whose large paintings of animals are a comment on the fleeting nature of life and DALeast, from China, whose work in London is inspired by the nightlife of Shoreditch. 

Finally we learnt about the various techniques employed by different kinds of artists working currently. Conor Harrington mixes fine art and street art techniques, while James Cochran has developed a complicated style inspired by the Post-Impressionist technique 'pointillism' (see picture above).

03 July 2013


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This month Propeller worked collaboratively on large scale paintings, in preparation for the skate park commission, which will be unveiled on Wednesday 28th of August 2013 (click here to find out more). Building on their previous work with collage, the group created their own cityscapes, and thinking creatively how their interventions would work with the natural landscape of Victoria Park. The group produced three different compositions made following three rules: 1. using only straight lines 2. working with geometrical shapes and 3. a colour palette consisting of five shades of green and white.

The group was split in to two groups, each working with a different technique. One group was instructed to only use paint rollers, while the other worked with masking tape to sketch their composition and then paint the gaps using paintbrushes. After these paintings were finished, Propeller members worked together on a final, collaborative piece.

12 June 2013


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This month’s session began with a look at the history of Victoria Park and its reputation as the 'People's Park.' It was the first park built specifically for the public and to improve the wellbeing of the area's inhabitants, as east London at the time was comprised of the poorest neighbourhoods in London. The group then discussed public art, exploring what Propeller members thought about working within this context for the skate park project.

 The second part of the meeting focused on architecture. It began with an overview of the use of domes in architecture through history. They were first built by the Romans and later influenced the way Christian and Muslim civilisations built places of worship. Drawing on themes in their own work from the last session, Propeller were then introduced to the ideas and designs of utopian and visionary architects, focusing in particular on the pioneering work of Buckminster Fuller.

 To finish the session Propeller made collaborative photomontages. They worked together to create cityscapes, using photographs taken in Victoria Park and archival material to build new landscapes by assembling them together. This activity helped them to envision and create the city, which might surround Victoria Park in the future.

01 May 2013


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This month’s session began with looking at abstraction and geometry in twentieth century art, followed by a screening of The Concrete Ripples Underneath (2012) the video made by Propeller and artist Benedict Drew between December 2011 and August 2012. Propeller members were then introduced to the history of Victoria Park and as a group brainstormed around the word ‘dome’, to come up with a title for this year’s project.

The rest of the session focused on photomontage. Propeller members worked with a range of images of Victoria Park, such as the pictures that they took during the April’s meeting and some archival material.  Cutting and pasting them together, they created interesting and creative visions of the park, which are included in the slideshow.

07 April 2013


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April's Propeller meeting was held on a Sunday in Victoria Park and included a visit to the skatepark where Propeller will be presenting an artwork in August.

The session started with a visit to the current exhibition Seep (5 April - 12 May 2013) at Chisenhale Gallery by Iranian artists Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi. Then Propeller walked to the Hub Building in Victoria Park, where Alessandra led a session surrounding the history of murals and the different techniques employed by artists, such as fresco, painting and engraving. Following this, they took part in a brief photography workshop which covered the basic rules for composing and framing photographs.

Armed with digital photo cameras, the group took a walk through the park while taking pictures of their surroundings. The session ended at the alcoves, parts of the long gone London Bridge, which were placed in the eastern border of Victoria Park  after the bridge demolition in 1831. Here Propeller members were invited to use the headphones and MP3 players provided by the park rangers in to listen to a track from the Memoryscape Trail, an audio guide of Victoria Park that explores historical events through local people's memories and archival material. Sitting down inside one of the alcoves the group could find out more about their history (please click here to listen to the track).

A selection of the photographs that the Propeller members took is featured in the slideshow included in this post (below).

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06 March 2013


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This month’s meeting began with an exploration of abstract art and geometry, looking at different ways geometrical shapes have been used by artists belonging to some of the main avant-gardes of the 20th century. The session started with examples of paintings by Kandinsky and Malevich (1910s-20s) and ended with Sol LeWit’s Minimalist drawings (1960s). In this meeting we also welcomed three new Propeller members, Molly, Simran and Katie.

After this initial investigation, Propeller members were given coloured paper, glue and scissors and were asked to create their own collages inspired by these artworks. The task was to depict an emotion using only geometrical shapes and colour. The last step of this activity was to translate the same emotion into sound, drawing from Kurt Schwitters’ sound poems, and add it to the collages as cut-out text from newspapers. We ended the session by watching the trailer of the film Basquiat (1996), anticipating the April’s session, which will explore painting, illustration, murals and graffiti.